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A products liability claim involves buyers, users, or bystanders, attempting to hold manufactures and sellers liable for injuries or losses suffered because of defective goods or products. The consequences of these claims can reach much further than just that one case. A company’s name and reputation may be seriously tarnished due to an adverse result in a products liability case.

The attorneys at Koepke Law Office work to formulate winning defenses for clients in products liability cases. Successful defense of a products liability claim requires careful scrutiny of all facts surrounding the loss at issue as well as the plaintiff’s theory of liability. A successful defense of these claims can only be provided by having a clear understanding of a plaintiff’s theory of liability and the risk presented by the claim. Additionally, selection of effective, qualified consultants and expert witnesses can make all the difference in defending products liability cases.

The attorney’s at Koepke Law Office pride themselves on thoroughly evaluating every case, and providing the best defense possible based upon the facts of each case. Insurance carriers, self-insured companies, hospitals, professionals and others seeking high-quality legal defense are invited to call us at to discuss their product liability issues.


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